This programme is like doing a soil test and identifying where you need to apply new minerals. Then I show you how to access and apply the right fertilizer to the right areas of your life.


  • In this programme to learn and understand how the mind process’s information to produce a behaviour. By understanding this you are then able to create new constructive habits, patterns and behaviours.


  • Here is what’s covered in the 8 Week Mastering Your Mindset programme,


  1. Living at Cause where you take complete responsibility for your life.
    1. What’s your Emotional home and how that affects your daily living and decisions
    2. How we create emotional responses
    3. The Mindshift Success Cycle
  2. Creating a powerful Purpose and Identity
  3. Identifying and Removing Limiting Beliefs
    1. What is stopping you from having what you want (Fear, Doubt, Anxiety)
    2. Create empowering new Beliefs and Installing these into your Subconscious
  4. Creating Values that Align with your Purpose
  5. Changing your Environment
    1. Removing Toxicity/people
    2. Interaction with people who are Negative
  6. Turning a Struggle to Success
    1. Overcoming setbacks
    2. Flipping Negative situations into Positives
  7. Relationships and Communication
  8. Installing new Habits that will create positive change and Finding Fulfillment


  • Every session has open Q/A for clarification on anything covered in the session or anything going on now in your life.


  • Sessions will be run via zoom (at 6pm Sydney Time, 8pm NZ time) every week for 8 weeks straight, Each session will be between 60-90min.


  • You will have access to the recordings of any sessions (uploaded within 12 hours) and are able to have lifetime access to these recordings.


  • You will be added to Mastering Your Mindset facebook group where you will have support of the group as well as myself for any questions that arise.


  • I also offer a free 1:1 follow up session after the 8 weeks to clarify anything we have covered and anything else that may be happening in your life that you would like to go over.



Now that you have identified where the right fertilizer needs to go and how to apply it, this is the maintenance fertilizer programme. I show you how to continuously monitor the soil testing and how to keep the right fertilizer on the right areas at the right time.


  • This programme is designed to give you constant progress in all areas of life. It will give you access to ongoing learning and re-alignment of any issues as they arise.


  • Inclusion into The Elite Farmers Mindset Mastermind Calls in which are held fortnightly where I teach tools to keep the mindset on track and also help you solve problems currently being faced at the time.


  • These calls include:
    • Quarterly Calibration and game plan implementation sessions.
    • Masterclasses with guest speakers who are experts in other areas of life.
    • Consistent Problem solving strategies.
    • Diving deep on subjects such as
      • Mindset
      • Relationships
      • Finances
      • Business
      • Health
      • Neuro Linguistic Programming


  • Online access Library of all past recordings and worksheets.


  • Free Access to all online trainings and 8 week Mastering Your Mindset programmes that I run in your membership period.


  • Support in the ‘ELITE FARMERS’ Facebook Group.


  • Access to a 1:1 session with me every 3 months.


This programme is like re-grassing a paddock, you will take out all the old grass, turn over the soil and plant and new high producing species that will give higher growth rates in you stock. Then we continue to work together to ensure we keep out old weeds and we promote the growth of the new grass.


  • This 6-month program is perfect for anyone who wants a complete reset of their Unconscious mind and take all areas of their life to the next level. This process identifies everything that has happening in your life and we remove any negative association you have to those events and gives you resolution on these events so you can move forward with a success mindset.


  • Starts with a full Breakthrough Intervention using Time Line TherapyTM, Hypnosis and PSYCH-K, which includes:


  • Elicit complete personal history.
  • Elicit values in an area of life.
  • Remove all negative emotions.
  • Remove all limiting beliefs.
  • Check for any parts in conflict.
  • Check for anything else that needs to be cleared out.
  • Re-elicit values and re-order to enable them to move forward with success mindset.
  • Goal setting and implementing.


This generally takes 8-10 Hours either in one session or split into, 2, 3, or 4 sessions.


  • Booked weekly calls to ensure you stay on track for a month and then monthly check ins for 6 months.


  • Unlimited support during this time to ensure you stay on track including future Time Line TherapyTM, Hypnosis and PSYCH-K as required.


  • Inclusion of 8 week Mastering Your Mindset Programme.


  • Free Access to all online trainings that I run in your 6-month period.


6 Months membership to Elite Farmers group coaching calls.

My workshops are value packed and will turn around a negative culture quickly.  

How much has been spent on proactive motivational courses for your employees?  

Might your organisation have a “starvation mindset” from years of ingrained struggle?

An emotionally resilient employee is a reliable employee.

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$ 400 Monthly
  • Mastering your Mindset Coaching
  • Elite Farmers Coaching
  • Breakthrough 1:1 Unlimited 6 Months Coaching.
  • Group presentations - To suit your businesses requirements
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