What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a great system that can be used to retrain the unconscious mind and nervous system.

Using Hypnotherapy allows the noncritical acceptance of ideas or concepts at a subconscious level. It produces a deep state of relaxation in your body and, at the same time, a high state of awareness.

True facts about Hypnotherapy

  • When a client trusts the process and believes truly that they will be successful in getting the internal shift required, it will ALWAYS work.
  • The purpose of Hypnotherapy is for therapy ONLY.
  • Through Hypnotherapy, your subconscious can easily and effortlessly accept positive suggestions in a state of gentle and safe relaxation.
  • If the suggestions given do not align with your values and beliefs, your subconscious will not allow yourself to accept them.
  • The experience of Hypnotherapy is 100% natural.
  • Negative suggestions will never be given to a client.

False ideas about Hypnotherapy

  • It is possible that a client will lose control of their mind.
  • It is possible that a client will lose control of their body.
  • Clients are put into a state of complete unconsciousness and experience amnesia.
  • A hypnotherapist is a Hypnotist. (someone that performs on stage for entertainment purposes)
  • During and after a session, the client will do whatever the Hypnotherapist asks them to do.

What is Hypnotherapy good for?

Smoking, Weight loss, Negativity, Confidence, Grief, Stress, Depression, Sadness, Anger Management, Enhanced sporting performance, Loss of a Pet, Panic attacks, Bulimia, Anorexia, Alcohol addiction, Drug addiction, Any Addiction, Self-harm, Self Love, Broken Heart, Letting go, Insomnia, Saying goodbye to a loved one, Anxiety release, Chronic fatigue, Dealing with divorce, Loneliness, Fibromyalgia, Accelerated learning/studying, Past life regression, Forgiveness, Fear of success/failure/judgment/rejection/rodents, Claustrophobia,………………….. just to name a few.

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