Having a solid mindset is the most important thing you can work on to get your life on track.

Our unconscious mind is responsible for 95% of everything we do every day. The unconscious mind is made up of all the past references, memories, decisions, beliefs, and values. These are all formed from past experiences and the meaning we take from them. Whatever you have downloaded into your unconscious mind as to be true is what runs your body – outside of your awareness –

If you are a superstar athlete, then 95% of that reason is your mindset, to go out, work hard, and achieve your dream. If you are failing at anything, then 95% of the reason again is your mindset and the way it is programmed.

I specialise in working directly with your unconscious mind using Time Line Therapy® and/or Hypnotherapy to remove the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and teach you how to retrain the unconscious mind so you can move forward with a success mindset.

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