What is Timeline Therapy

TimeLine Therapy®, developed by Tad James and is used to remove negative emotions and
limiting beliefs/decisions linked to past experiences.

The internal representation we have to those past experiences act as programming for our daily patterns and behaviours.

TimeLine Therapy® is designed to delicately change the clients association to those past experiences so they no longer see them as negative events and instead see them as an event/s that has served them and taught them many positive lessons so they can move forward with their life.

Timeline Therapy Techniques

TimeLine Therapy® incorporates a selection of various techniques that gives the client the ability to take control of their life back.

Too often, people suffer from emotional reactions, and they do not know why. Emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt (amongst others) these negative emotions are all symptoms of bad programming, and they sabotage someone from living their life to their maximum capacity.

What’s known as a limiting belief/decision is manifested in our verbal expressions. These beliefs/decisions are created from our past experiences, and we have programmed them into our internal representation of the world.

TimeLine Therapy® integrates these past experiences, so those negative emotions and limiting beliefs/decisions no longer constrict our life. The practical application of Time Line Therapy® means a person can be shown how to access specific
memories, learning how to disconnect from negative feelings associated with those memories.

This will allow a person to free themselves from the old belief system and instead move forward with a new, more empowering and positive affirmations and beliefs with which they can use to create a success mindset to have everything they only ever dreamed was possible.

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